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Mrs. Chase is upset with Jake for lying about being at a funeral during a test. He rocks that juicy ass like no tomorrow nyfirstsexteacher too! Professor Brandi Love is excited because her student aced his latest exam. Freshman Xander is trying to study some nyfirstsexteacher.


When Professor Tyler busts him for calling sex hotlines, she's happy to finally have the chance to fuck her student. Professor Cameron Keys can't believe how poorly Anthony did on his final project when he says he spent 3 weeks on it, more like 3 nyfirstsexteacher minutes. Mikey is doing ok in Spanish, but he needs to give her something in return. With some kind words, a striptease, a little encouragement, and some devastating cock sucking, Anthony is back to his old self in no time flat. It really helped! nyfirstsexteacher Kitty was looking forward to some one on one lesson using a more hands on approach, one that's sure to get him familiar nyfirstsexteacher with the female body, and orgasm. Professor Isabella Manelli loves that Trent spends so much time studying for her class, nyfirstsexteacher but he's blowing off his other classes. When you're a professor as tan and as fit as Adriana Deville, you could give a fuck when your man isn't putting 110% into the relationship. He goes up to ask her what the fuck her problem was. Tyler Knight just received his teaching credentials and, as luck would have it, landed a position at his old Alma Matter. This dirty nyfirstsexteacher professor doesn't waste any time and after locking the door she gets right to it. I'm glad you're leaving, but please won't you visit every semester? Professor Rodgers really cares about her students. Mrs. Taft could see that he was struggling nyfirstsexteacher so she offered to tutor me after class. He promises to try harder to be perfect, but she thinks he's already perfect, perfectly nyfirstsexteacher fuckable, that is. Professor Francesca Le is working late grading papers and is surprised to find two of his teachers fucking each other. And a guy student at that! Hurt that he didn't even say goodbye, she decides to up the ante a notch. He tells.

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Professor Foxxx excuses everybody from class, except for Kris. James wants to learn to play the piano to impress his professor,.

With all the fucking and sucking, Christie should get an O for orgasms! She is pretty hot and is very good at sucking cock. nyfirstsexteacher.

Professor Andrea Jaxxx finds this to be irresistible and wants to have a meeting with her, hopefully it would straighten nyfirstsexteacher.