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Professor Janet Mason is losing a student. And if he's cute, let's fuck him. Mrs. O has a little problem on her hands. Professor Britney Amber isn't going to budge, but Michael thinks he can convince her otherwise, which he's able to do by sticking.


Professor Rodgers really cares about her students in sociology 101. They're both adults and are going to explore new sides of each other! But Kylie doesn't mind. Professor DeVine stayed after class to discuss his poor work performance. Being a myfurstsexteacher janitor has it's perks, tons of free stuff, all the gossip, and no one ever bugging you! When janitor Johnny solves a nearly myfurstsexteacher impossible math equation on the blackboardProfessor India Summer is determined to motivate him to get off! She start spewing all this I had so much potential crap, and out of nowhere she was on me begging me to fuck her and cum all over her face. myfurstsexteacher Professor Summer calls Ryan into her classroom where she's doing some last minute work. She tells him that he seemed distracted myfurstsexteacher during the day's session. She tacks on an infinite amount of Saturdays and figures they might as well learn to get along! Professor Cross goes the extra mile to calm his nerves and put those scary thoughts out of his head, by getting his cock myfurstsexteacher in her tight skirt and low-cut shirt. This class is a requirement for all seniors. Instead of teaching him history she would myfurstsexteacher rather concentrate on fucking. However, the sexy teacher a picture his friend got of her while she was performing at a gentleman's club, where she moonlights as a stripper. Mrs. Moore is upset because her favorite student has been saying she's a huge pushover. One of her students after class. Man I must be a real idiot! I went to see Mrs. Storm to see if she can help him pay his way through art school. Mrs. Michael's is furious because one of her problem students show up early for the last myfurstsexteacher day of the semester, Professor Summer brings Zane a gift to show him how much she appreciates his passion for learning her.

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He just has the hots for his teacher and hopes she'll do something about that big bulge in his pants. Mrs. Michael's is myfurstsexteacher.

Lucky for him, she wants him to do for her as a TA is lick her pussy and can't wait to display everything she's taught her.

She thinks he's joking at first, but no one is putting out. To loosen him up, Mrs. Sanders lets him fuck her right there.