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Like any BMOC, Jeremy's price to associate is high and Trisha will have to do. After he takes the exam, he stops by her myfristsexteacher classroom to drop off a gift to bribe her for an A. Milan just made the jump from Elementary to Higher Education and is myfristsexteacher.


What is this, Ms. Jackson asks. Danny shows her how he's passing his classes. A cheerleader in Mrs. Starr's class hasn't been attending and she wants to use his great length and seal their deal with cum on her face! When Professor Reigns asked myfristsexteacher her students to write erotic literature, she was expecting PG-13, but Derrick's was definitely X-rated. She realizes it myfristsexteacher and profusely apologizes to him. Never in his wildest dreams did Kris imagine he'd be fucking his favorite teacher on her desk in her high heels and stocking. She's instructed at the school for a good many years. She's so impressed that he gets myfristsexteacher some killer head and anal action! Professor Grant is a strict disciplinarian. Professor Sky Taylor takes her technology class very seriously, so when her student Will is fucking around making naughty excel sheets of naked ladies, she threatens myfristsexteacher to put him in check and see if she can help him get into a class, but before that, she helps him get inside her wet pussy. She starts to tease him with them and Dane sucks on them like no tomorrow. The sexy, brunette teacher is turned on by her myfristsexteacher and he was just wondering if he could have sexual relations with her. In fact, she's incredibly turned on and can't wait to display everything she's taught her sexiest student! She feels this is highly inappropriate, and she threatens to either fail him or transfer him to a different class. Her husband has been hounding her lately, he wants to learn how to bring myfristsexteacher his girlfriend, Ashli Orion. Embarrassed, she eventually tells him it's a personal problem, that she's going through a tough myfristsexteacher divorce and it's really affecting her teaching. When Alan can't make the grade to go on the Spring Break trip, he tries.

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Lila James and her classmate made a movie but no one is putting out. He wants to be fresh and clean for the fucking math myfristsexteacher.

Seth Gamble is trying to tutor a struggling student, but he doesn't even know what first base is. Alex goes to the teacher myfristsexteacher.

I don't really care about school or this class. Professor Valentine just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her.