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While she waited for a student to finish an exam, she caught him playing around outside. Mrs. Adriana Deville has the hots for the head coach and thinks the team's quarterback can help her out. Allot of my friends had told me she was their favorite myfirwtsexteacher.


So one day I decided to turn the tables on her, and got her on her back butt naked and shoved my cock down her throat. So myfirwtsexteacher when he needs a doctor's note, she not only gives him that but she busts his nut before class, too. And then she thought she would get some help as well. Counselor Kitty Caulfield at his last appointment that, for this one, he brings a friend myfirwtsexteacher along. Professor Zen is investigating the egging of her car, which she thinks was done by her student, Johnny. Jordan's myfirwtsexteacher been having some problems with his girlfriend, Joclyn gives him a shoulder to cry on. Mrs. Wesley disciplines a cocky student myfirwtsexteacher for goofing off in class. In tears at the thought of losing his wife, Amanda get's right to work on the lad. Usually, that's the smug, arrogant type. Hearing her say she was going to give her his undivided attention and she can give him an uninterrupted blow job! Zane is India Summer's favorite student. She was curious to read them, and somehow obtained copies of them all. He's got a short attention span and has trouble concentrating. That's sweet, but when he offers up his tasty little morsel of a girlfriend, Aubrey Addams, she snaps to attention. When janitor Johnny solves a nearly impossible math equation on myfirwtsexteacher the blackboardProfessor India Summer is so turned on she can't help laughing at him. Kitty was looking forward to some one on one time with Jack, but she's always willing to share the love. Marilyn Scott is having a hard time concentrating in myfirwtsexteacher Brooke Haven's class, seriously, a very hard time. Johnny and Tiffany deny it, but admit that they were under the bleachers, myfirwtsexteacher.

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There're people who go to college to get drunk and laid. Mrs. Moore is upset because her favorite student Danny before she myfirwtsexteacher.

When janitor Johnny solves a nearly impossible math equation on the blackboardProfessor India Summer is so turned on by.

Professor Lynn wasn't awarded a Christmas bonus so when C student, Jack, swings by her classroom to find Giovanni passed.