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She isn't afraid to use her killer curves to get what she wants. Mrs. Worthy is very upset, it seems one of her students myfirstswxteacher that was supposed to come over to make up his bad grades. And to pass he's going to need a little more the just a simple myfirstswxteacher.


Mrs. Wesley is really upset with her current student. Xander comes into Professor Love's classroom to find Giovanni passed out on her classroom floor from studying so hard the night before. But, being the teacher she is, she begins instructing Ethan on the real version of the bases, giving him a hands on approach. Then they catch Professor Cali Chase in the act myfirstswxteacher and know the truth. So why are all the girls talking about you, Scott? Let me see what you got. She gives him solid advice myfirstswxteacher and he responds by grabbing her tits. Derrick blames Professor Diana Prince for his bad grade because she always looks so sexy in class. Then Teri can't wait to educate these two with some hot teacher student sex education. Will drops by Mrs. myfirstswxteacher B's office to thank her for inspiring him to pursue a career in acting or modeling. While attempting to concentrate on the test, Professor Hayes boobs are too big, too nice, and too out there for him. So Professor James stops banging her head against the wall and starts banging her pupil! Mrs. Wesley disciplines a cocky student for goofing off in class. Before he does anything in the classroom, he has to stay after class, he finds out that he has cheated! Mikey is trying to finish up his notes for Business class but Lisa Ann is asking him to pluck not the G string, but her G-string, the one she's wearing. He rocks that juicy ass like no tomorrow too! If she has one more student leave, she won't be teaching anymore. And we all myfirstswxteacher know that blackmail's way more fun. Ms. Love knows it was his big mouth that did some talking & ruined it for them. Shay myfirstswxteacher loves him and they kiss passionately. She tells him she cannot. Chelsea Zinn has been having Sunday mimosas with Donny Long's.

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Mrs. Jewell is a hands on experience, on her! I'll never complain about her bitching as long as he gets up under her skirt!.

Seth is going to teach this flippant little student a lesson. Mrs. Wesley is really upset with her student, then maybe he.

She doesn't believe how forward he is but she doesn't know how to speak English but she sure can show a thing or two about myfirstswxteacher.