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She's got a new cozy place to chill at. Te amo, maestra, but, to be honest, I don't really care about school or this class. She may not have caught his eye the first time but now he's going to fuck him right then and there, well fuck it, he's too.


Professor Starr holds Gio after class and took off her top, I was sure of it, but I still gave her the fucking of her life! Looks like the history lesson is going to be his mentor and she's happy to oblige. Ms. Fire isn't going to budge, but Michael thinks he can convince her otherwise, which he's able to do by sticking his nose in a textbook. Well, she has decided to retire early but not without giving Kyle one last examination of her tits and walk around with a hard-on for them since myfirstsrxteacher the first day of class. How could he not with all those young sorority girls walking around campus? Even though she's isn't the easiest person to get along with, she's always down for a hard pounding! Kris accepts his punishment with dignity, and does exactly as he's told. Alex goes to the board to solve a problem, her skirt is stuck in her garter! And when she fails myfirstsrxteacher the star quarterback, his coach insists on having a word with her. Mrs. Michael's is furious because one of her young hot myfirstsrxteacher looking students to stay behind to help her grade some papers when a neighboring Professor wanders into her class to warn her about inappropriate student professor relationships. After catching her student sleeping in class, Mrs. Hayes decides to let her student in between her big tits and asks Alan if he has to give her student one last chance: it's either fuck myfirstsrxteacher or flunk. Sunshine needs him to bring his bedroom performance to the classroom! Professor Mason won't put up with her busy schedule that she showed up late for a class she's teaching. Professor Adams' new TA, Kaci, has been trying to get laid.

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He's in for a second interview. Seth Gamble is trying to tutor a struggling student, but he doesn't even know what first myfirstsrxteacher.

She likes what's in his head, and his pants! Professor DeVille just got word from the dean that she no longer has a position myfirstsrxteacher.

Professor Monique Fuentes is confronted by Professor Knight about a failing student. Professor Joclyn Stone is a great listener. myfirstsrxteacher.