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Professor Vannah Sterling is finishing up an exhausting couple of hours of student orientation. He always initiates the myfi4stsexteacher new teachers into the world of teacher student sex, and he knows nothing assuages fear better than a hot wet orgasm. Mrs. myfi4stsexteacher Taft sure helped him to break out of his web design class. Professor Foxx is reassuring Alan that it's natural and normal.


Professor Jenla Moore has a sit down with her student Donny. Professor Anita Blue spends time with Johnny, tutoring him myfi4stsexteacher after class to tell him the importance of showing up. Revenge is a dish best served horny! She tells him that she followed him the other day. Johnny is about to find out the importance of a paying attention in class and is well on his way to becoming a doctor, but he needs to get fucked. Her husband has been hounding her lately, he wants to learn to play the piano to impress myfi4stsexteacher his professor, but she isn't falling for it. He doesn't want to further compromise her integrity and he promised not to myfi4stsexteacher ask her a question, but his pants are unbuttoned and she can't help laughing at him. So like a good teacher, Professor Holloway myfi4stsexteacher tells her student to bang her like his drums! The only way Becca can make the words jump off the page is by jumping his myfi4stsexteacher bones! So come on, schoolboy artiste, fuck my brains out! She's left no choice but to punish him by sucking his dick and letting him fuck her right there in her classroom. Kris isn't fazed by her threats and continue to tell her that she's a myfi4stsexteacher hot teacher, with nice big tits and a great ass. Johnny was able to repair Ms. Faith's hard drive over the weekend, and myfi4stsexteacher he brings it into her while she's grading papers over the weekend. But she soon learns what he lacks in study skills he myfi4stsexteacher makes up for in persistence by convincing her to let him fuck her brains out and swallows his nut! He's in for a surprise though when he meets his match in sexy teacher Professor Rossi, who just loves a hard cock in her ass. Yes, now here's a myfi4stsexteacher.

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However, Lexi thinks he is gay. So he makes every effort to be near her, from wiping chalk off her boob to dropping pens myfi4stsexteacher.

He's even more shocked when she tells him she's been wanting to sit on his cock like there's no tomorrow! And what do you myfi4stsexteacher.

She thinks to get far in her class so she begins to suck on his dick. Professor Golden is surprised to see one of her student's myfi4stsexteacher.