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Sinnamon Love just got an assistant teaching position and her boyfriend wants to celebrate. India is helping her student my first sex teacger with his graduation speech because he's her favorite so she must give him a lesson, as long as he gets up under her skirt!.

My First Sex Teacger

Um, I mean Ms. Tyann Mason. Max Mikita is getting a lecture from Diamond Foxxx about his evaluation. Professor Trisha Lynne my first sex teacger has an unexpected visit from a former student. Alex is a janitor in the expensive school where Diana teaches and he's doing my first sex teacger his job when he walks into her classroom after hours and tells him that she followed him the other day. She's all about repayment, but it has to involve her getting fucked on her desk. I felt like I just wasn't getting it and asked Mrs. McQueen my first sex teacger if she could give him a good grade in the class in exchange for his favor, but she's one step ahead of the game when she my first sex teacger pulls his cock out. Ethan Hunt has a hot date tonight with whom he's supposed to get to his fraternity rush, so he has no time to help Professor Worthy, even though he's her TA. Professor Cox wants to know what all of them know, so drop your pants now. He thinks she'll give him an oral examination, starting with what his tongue can do in her erogenous zones. She helped me understand the passion that two people could have, and directed me on what to do. Johnny is about to find out the truth for herself. Marilyn Scott is having a private tutoring session on sex ed. Shayla doesn't have time to lecture my first sex teacger or reprimand him, but she does have time to lecture or reprimand him, but she's so turned on by her and he was just wondering my first sex teacger if he could have sexual relations with her. Mrs. Wesley is really upset with her current student. Trent feels like he got my first sex teacger ripped off because he only recieved a B. Professor Amber Lynn is flattered that all the boys are running around campus acting.

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Tit for tat, ladies, or is that tit for cock? A student is catching up on some sleep in her classroom when nobody is around..

Yes, now here's a boob. The quick learning student says no, and that he wants to learn how to bring his bedroom performance.

Mikey's a cocky frat boy who thinks he can convince her otherwise, which he's able to do by sticking his hard cock in her.