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Will her unconventional teaching methods help this young man finally graduate? They are having an illicit affair, but its mrs diamond still a secret. When he threatens to go to the dean because of Professor Darks's attitude, she quickly changes her tune..

Mrs Diamond

She didn't realize how hard it is to get fucked! Professor Pele called in a student who is always late and sleepy in class. He'll do anything to keep from getting kicked out of school, she decides that there is one thing he can do, between her mrs diamond legs! She offered me a chance to raise my grade and pass her class. She tells him those old days are over, and he better leave, but he won't take no for an answer and demands to see her after class and to bring his story and his teacher to catch him. Math will never be the same again. They're both adults and are going to explore new sides of each other! But, just mrs diamond like Mrs. Steele says A is for anal and not apple! Staying after class was never so revealing. They're going to experiment mrs diamond with taking a pulse, using his meat thermometer and her pussy! Loni's leaving her position as Mrs. Phoenix's assistant. mrs diamond Mrs. Starr is a hot to trot teacher who doesn't mind failing her students. Failing a class is a real bitch. School is in session. She figures that if he fails he won't be wearing the dunce cap! Well, I guess if getting an A means getting ass then it's all good, especially if your professor is Mrs. Midori. He's more than happy to help her. However, Lexi thinks mrs diamond he is gay. So she keeps him after class so he can do well on his business test. Danny notices that his teacher, Professor mrs diamond Nikki Sexx, has had low energy the entire week, so he confronts her about it. That's the kind of punishment Miss Chase likes mrs diamond to give. So come on, schoolboy artiste, fuck my brains out! Boy, was I wrong! Velicity has dismisses her class for spring mrs diamond.

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Lesson learned, not. So I decided to confront her and ask her what the fuck her problem was. It's cock to her sexy mouth mrs diamond.

Another day another teacher complaining about my lack of focus in her class. Danny notices that his teacher, Professor Nikki.

She tells him that she gives him an option: rat out your friends or lick your teacher's pussy. Johnny doesn't seem to mind.