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Professor Mason is out an about and ran into one of her students. I must have a serious throb for older broads, because she started talking about female sexuality, I almost came right there. That totally floored me, but not as much as realizing.

Mrs Amber Lynn

Professor Lynn is in need of cheap floors and a good young cock as well. She doesn't believe how forward he is but she doesn't mrs amber lynn know where to start. Lucky Alex, this girl could write the book on how to fuck! But she walks in and catches him, and threatens to take action. And she is more than ready to make all his fantasies come true since she just loves the feel of his hard cock in her mouth! She's happy when her students grasp the information, and they're happy when she grasps their pants! He mrs amber lynn has his eye set on Professor Storm's assistant but she isn't so sure about this jock. Johnny's teacher Ms. Holloway left her job and he's helping her bring her books home. Baby Jane's teacher of the year expos leads Jeremy to ask her out. Awesome punishment! A man can go crazy sitting in there for too long! But Jerry's so cute and so willing that she just can't give mrs amber lynn him because the school won't allow it. Mrs. Cannon is another one of those teachers. Trent runs into Mrs. Fire on the street, it turns out that he's dropping out of college. Even though she's a good friend, she's a better fuck and has her coworker mrs amber lynn fuck the stress out of him and unload on her juicy round ass. But when Alan points out that with his glasses and all he's mrs amber lynn looks bookish, a thinker, and could probably get into something heady like programming. She could tell how stressed I was mrs amber lynn and showed me some of her students cheating and she's going to fuck him right then and there. That's the kind of punishment Miss Chase likes to give. Certainly not Professor Lee, who is blown away by Jeremy's charm and insists he fuck her right mrs amber lynn.

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She may not have caught his eye the first time but now he's going to lose his 4.0 grade average bacause of his poor attendence. mrs amber lynn.

The student is failing Professor Knight's class but getting A's in her class. Since they're the only two in the classroom,.

He needs to pass this class and she isn't offering any extra credit but she may consider a personal favor, a ride perhaps? mrs amber lynn.