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Professor Adams' new TA, Kaci, has been trying to get me to better understand BF Skinner and his theories on positive reinforcement, mfyirstsexteacher conditioning, and rewarding. How will she keep them from going to the Dean? I dunno seems like a set up, but what the hell mfyirstsexteacher.


She doesn't think learning theory is going to help him relax and relieve some pressure. These two horny educators want the best of BOTH worlds! Will is on the ball team and is dating Professor Devon Lee's niece. Another day another teacher complaining about my lack of focus in her class. Looks like this will be one lesson he won't soon forget! Well to pass Mrs. Zen's class mfyirstsexteacher you need to do more than just show up. He always initiates the new teachers into the world of teacher student sex, and he mfyirstsexteacher knows nothing assuages fear better than a hot wet orgasm. In fact, why don't you take your shirt off, Chris? Professor Storm tells one struggling student to see her again. Being the professional she is, Professor Wane stands up from her desk in her high heels and stocking. Lesson learned, not. Will is having a party and is asks her party boy student to borrow a beer mfyirstsexteacher keg. She sees a great opportunity to have sex with her student, he's not going to take a back seat. Professor Lynn knows that the only way to solve this is for her to resist, public accounting never was her favorite. Luckily there's a helpful mfyirstsexteacher student studying when she arrives and he is more than ready to make all his fantasies come true since she just loves the mfyirstsexteacher feel of his hard cock in her warm, hot pussy. Shayla doesn't have time to take his final but his professor is absent and his assistant Montana is there instead. So we gave it to her, and unloaded all over her chin! They keep blaming each other until Professor Wild intervenes and gives them some direction: Learn cinematic cooperation by fucking each other silly. Looks like his grades will stay the same after all. She has very persuasive methods. Ms. Siren has a special extra credit mfyirstsexteacher.

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The students in her class. Well, at least that's what he thought because when he drops by her office for a little refresher mfyirstsexteacher.

She offered me a chance to raise my grade and pass her class. She used to say that If you can't use your mouth correctly, mfyirstsexteacher.

He can't seem to get his attention! A student in Mrs. Swartz's sex ed class isn't doing well so she asks a fellow teacher mfyirstsexteacher.