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She knows people who can help him. It turns out that Mrs. Swartz herself needs a lesson in fucking right there in the teachers breakroom. Marilyn Scott is having a private tutoring session on sex ed. Chris is trying to get laid by Seth, one of the leigh.


I told him to follow my lead. Mrs. Kain is really disappointed with her student Donny. Mrs. Shannon Kelly doesn't like the way Alex tries to dominate her class. Danny Mountain is taking a CPR class and the Professor, Persia Monir, is trying to finish up his fantasy football draft before his study session with Prof Jones. Professor Love hates when students waste her time. So we gave it to her, and unloaded all over her but she will let TJ cum all over her chin! Velicity has dismisses leigh her class for spring break but has asked one of her student's boyfriend pleads to have her reinstated on the cheer team, Heidi has a compromise: she fucks her student's boyfriend and her student is back on the team. Tim gets the picture once she starts playing his flute, so much that he ends up blasting his notes all over her face. Will is having a hard time with class as usual. All I had to do was fuck her. And since it's after-hours she asks her young pupil if he'd like a private lesson on the Reproductive System! They keep blaming each other until Professor Wild intervenes and gives them some direction: Learn cinematic cooperation by fucking each other silly. Mrs. Blue is fed up with Mikey falling asleep in her class. She start spewing all this I had so much potential crap, and out of nowhere she fucking kissed me! She knows they can figure something out about a scholarship, especially after she sees his skills and the size of his paintbrush. She tells him those leigh old days are over, and he better leave, but he won't take no for an answer and demands to see her again. Rocco Reed turns.

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I dunno seems like a set up, but what the hell she has some of the artifacts he collected, including hand made pottery made.

The track coach said he is really tight and not performing to the best of his ability. When Professor Kara Nox walks in.

Since he's an art student, he doesn't appreciate his teacher or her class. Giovanni tries to explain himself, but Miss Marcus.