Dawn Of The Debutantes 15

Dawn Of The Debutantes 15

Angelina returns with another friend, Natalie. She's back, better and hotter than ever. You'll meet lovely Diamond, a fresh new Debutante with an angelic face. Remember, there's not just sex in every volume, there's Love too. They each share in the desire to expose part of their sexuality with a stranger. Love Ya, Ed Powers. Sonya is spunky and ready for you to view! We have a touch of the Cockless series, you'll witness Gina Javal's first time, first kiss, and first orgasm with a girl dawn of the debutantes 15 on and off camera ever. All in all MDD 202 is complete and ready for action. Malicia is exotic and sexy to the core. I am also proud to share my work with you! All in all it's real, hot and exciting! You'll see him with sexy Katy and adorable Mariah Shane. When I'm in the saddle shooting camera by myself I get weak with the pictures but not weak in the hips. She is hot, lovely, sexy and eager to explore the joy of the back door. Kathleen Kruz is 18, ready and willing to explore her dawn of the debutantes 15 sexuality. In this special edition, you will share the lives of four eager Dirty Debs. Hope you enjoy this special edition dawn of the debutantes 15 of Lovin' Spoonfuls 11, the Wild Debutantes. Ed starts it off and then honorary Nasty Bro Dick Smothers Jr. mixes it up with Rob & Ed; Jake can't wait to jump in! Kelsi and J break in from the rear with a provocative and energetic nature that's.

In addition you'll see Annette Schwarz from Germany in a condom blow job challenge. He brings them over to Ed and Jamie dawn of the debutantes 15 house for some overheated fun! The first appearance of Ventasia and the return of Kelton and Ayla. I love sharing my on-camera sex life with you! Amanda West is very new to the scene, gets it on with her man Dylan! K.C. and Dixxon are real natural as they do each other with lust in their hearts. Raven Alexander has a wild side to explore, and we do! This nice man is dawn of the debutantes 15 nice enough to bring Sabrine to me for her first scene with another man other than her husband. Jenny Hendricks, on the dawn of the debutantes 15.

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Looking for a bit to make Annie feel more comfortable. Lots more than any tape on the market today! Anastasia is a wild dawn of the debutantes 15 one. Charlie is a sweetie and she explores her sexuality on camera. This DVD explores the fascination of a more intense.