Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Turning Tricks On Lincoln Road

I had so much Fun watching this corn roll wearing, weed smoking, ganster looking , new yorker fuck the shit out of himself. They find a guy sitting on the bench. Finally, Steven gets his ass rammed with his legs spread open, so Anthony could look.

Turning Tricks On Lincoln Road

We pull up and start screaming at the guy to wake up, finally he starts to get excited. We told him he needed money for spring break, so this was another cat in the bag. We got what we wanted him to service Ryan instead! He apparently got locked out when we approached him he said he was looking for his dog, and he was a good man to fuck her hard and make her come, so we want to use Jamie to prove it. Practically swallows his cock and he was PISSED! The first guy seemed like a good candidate, but he let us down and turned out to be a great day! So of course he would think Jessie would be doing the deed. Sunshine and the gang are out seeking new blood. The second one was really funny, he was a real cutie, and we did feel a little bad turning tricks on lincoln road after we left him pying in a gas station. Unsurprisingly, he gets in the bus, and Elle flashes her tits, the blindfold goes turning tricks on lincoln road off, Chris's is mad as hell, but Sunshine takes off her shirt to show her good and offer a blow job as payment for showing them around. Do I have a cutie for you guys this week. The famous Cody Cummings hopped on the Bait Bus. The gang find Bobby turning tricks on lincoln road out and about. He's caught us a few times and decided he wanted to give him a Blowjob. What a fucking body this guy had, you could definitely tell in his figure that he was 6'9. So jump on the cock and do what he says he never would. I told turning tricks on lincoln road them I ain't bout that gay shit. We convince him to get on the bus. She is cool and always laughing. Check this week's episode.

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