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Well this guy couldn't take his eyes off Vanessa's tits so we knew he had been starving for hard dick. He is from Sin City, I mean from Las Vegas. But don't worry folks! So he let her practice on him, so he thought. We got what we wanted him to.


Today we have a giggly cutie. with washboard abs and gorgeous blue eyes. We stopped at this reststop so that Jamie could thebrazilian use the restroom. He was so angry, when he recognize how we play with him. He takes us to this stadium and we happen to see this guy walking by a school. Whipping her huge delicious tits out prepping him for Ponce. We got him on the bus we have Mike who is our new temp driver. As we are driving around under gray clouds, looking for cock for Steven. I don't know something of that manly sort. He took the offer. The nicest thing we could do is offer him a couple thousands dollars to thebrazilian fuck Jamie for five fucking thousand dollars. He told us he works on the cruise liners and was just sitting around waiting for his ride. Ok the Steve and Sunshine are back. We told him that we were from Vegas and we needed a special tour guide, thebrazilian which he hesitated at first but the beautiful Brianna talked him into the bus to get the purse and Todd drove away. Distracting thebrazilian his thoughts once she pulls out her massive tits and seduces this guy into thinking we are swingers and she wants to fuck. It didn't take much to convince him to help us out with our project. We inform him of his mistake and tell him they help thebrazilian out college students and drive them around. He doesn't take much to make these guys go gay for pay. So Ellie blindfolded thebrazilian Jason and pretended to go down on him as Steven climbed in for the cock. This week on the Bait Bus and ran into into a free thebrazilian spirited 19-year-old guy, Jason Creed, who's on his way to pick up some hot guys. By the way Jamie really enjoyed this one, thebrazilian.

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