Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: The Day After Cinco De Mayo

His name was Leo from Venezuela. Carmella started telling him all about her dreams of becoming a porn star, and how she the day after cinco de mayo needed some practice. Then we told him we need a fifth person. Once again, Baitbus is back on the mother-fucking prowl! the day after cinco de mayo.

The Day After Cinco De Mayo

Once money was thrown in the picture, Seth didn't care what he was expecting to see. However, after a while, we picked up the day after cinco de mayo this guy, named Jason, he was really enjoying this until he took the offer. We all know that money talks and see how much $$ it took to get him on the bus and let Vanessa work her magic from there, he strips off his clothes along with Cameron. It is clear us need see action, just look at his face while he fucks Jamie's ass. Jessie and Ryann lost a bet, and they had to pay a very fucking kinky price; she had to fuck Ryann's ass with her new cock. It's the first day of school and what the day after cinco de mayo better place to go then the local college campuses and got him going gay for pay. The gang has their costumes on, and it's the day after cinco de mayo difficult to tell who or what they are dressed as. He was amazed by Cameron's tits ao he pretty much let her do anything the day after cinco de mayo to him, even blindfold him. So he was the bad guy. Guess again. After Steven slurped his cock for a while, the blind fold came off. At first I wasn't sure if this guy was so into me. He said he wasn't gay at all, but finally we convinced him to fuck Steven, and he did a good job banging that ass. See how much it would take for him to let Cameron suck on his dick while being blindfolded, and quikly he said yes. Some money is flashed around, and he is a college student that happen to be in it? On today's new update of Bait Bus. We had decided to get out of Miami for a few bucks and help us out with a video.

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