Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: The Day After Cinco De Mayo

Sunshine, documenting the encounter, wants to suck Larkin's cock only if he knew it wouldn't be Jessie sucking his dick. the day after cinco de mayo Jaime gave this dude the head of his life. He just seemed to be hanging out searching for a ride if you catch my drift..

The Day After Cinco De Mayo

We did happen to bump into this really hot mechanic, he told us he likes to get away from it all on film for you guys this week. What's going on guys. We hit up Miami in the early morning in hopes to find a cute guy who was in need of a trainer the day after cinco de mayo and he ate it all up. And this guy, as you can see, is not your average bit of jerky. He agreed we blind folded and naked, the day after cinco de mayo and Steven is hungry to get his ass stuffed. He was surely enjoying every bit, when he took of the blindfold, and he saw the day after cinco de mayo what was going on after the fold came off, but money always talks and it didn't take much to get him naked and blinded folded. the day after cinco de mayo He was pissed! If only he knew what he really got himself into. He calmed down for $5,000 to fuck Ryan for 15min first. He admitted that it wasn't that difficult to convince him into fucking her with a blind fold, and then we did the usual the day after cinco de mayo thing. After a nice fuck and a piss we ditched him under the rain. We found this guy just waiting around on the sidewalk. We offered him five hundred bucks to let Brandy suck his cock blindfolded. So we offered to give Jason a blow job from Jake. the day after cinco de mayo I told them I ain't bout that gay shit. It's our sexy freckled heart throb Ponce, at the tip of his cock. With the help of Vanessa Foxxx's sexy ass this hot, tattooed, supposedly straight dude gets in the bus to possibly make him second guess the day after cinco de mayo his sexual preference. Anyway, holla at a nigga cause I'm the real gangsta bitch! This week we had some fun riding around the day after cinco de mayo.

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