Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Tarkans American Experience

Welcome back to the bus of confusion claimed another victim. Lips around his cock, but they're Ponce's. We told him that we would give him when he found out what was really going to happen! Jordan calmed down after an offer $5,000 with the promise.

Tarkans American Experience

This guy was pretty frisky too. Then we have Steven getting fucked legs open riding cock, doggy style, and afterward, Ryan laid on his back while being fucked hard. The baitbus gang is looking for a victim so Bo Dean can make him think twice about tarkans american experience liking a hard dick in his mouth, unfortunately its not what he was expecting to see. They had this one hot chick on the van. What's going on guys. Nothing like an anonymous blowjob to get things rolling! At that point, Jamie started sucking on his dick. So today we found some nerdy guy walking to class. All the fly honeys dig me yo. So watch what happens and why he was paid $8000. He took off the blindfold, he was pissed. We told him that Cameron could definitely cheer him up with the twins, you know her big ass tits. Today we decide to cruise around Miami and brad is the mood for a bad boy, so we were officially on the lookout. We had to see this little helpless victim, he is at a bus stop on a Saturday which doesn't happen to run on Saturdays. We told him that we were lost, offered dinner and to see if he takes the bait. We get to the tarkans american experience back of his head. Once we get him covered and have Steven hop on. Then the mayhem starts, lucky for us his wasn't that hostile and was willing to here us out, his price wasn't as high as the rest, but check it out so you see how much $$ it took to get Mario to do what he does best, once the blind fold goes on Chris's face, and Steven begins sucking the cock. Visiting tarkans american experience.

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