Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Sunshine For Anthony

So this day we decided to cruise around and try his luck with some college boys. OK this is one for the books. Who is ready for the bus. Once he calmed down Jessie enticed him by showing some tits. Cody disgusted by the act demands that he be let.

Sunshine For Anthony

Enticed by the idea, Brad allows it, and he is a huge fan of Jessie Jolie, so this was another cat in the bag. Steven is sunshine for anthony riding Justin's cock with his legs spread open, so Anthony could look at his face while he fucks his asshole. We found this sunshine for anthony guy Evito waiting for the bus of confusion claims another victim. Unsurprisingly, he gets in the bus, and said the only sunshine for anthony thing he had to confess is that he was a marine, and today was his only day off, so he wanted to get off. We convince him to get on the bus. So we got some awesome footage of this guy ramming Jamie, his dick kept growing, it was really easy to sunshine for anthony convinced him to hop on for a ride. Loving the pounding that Big Tex is giving him. Didnt take much to get him naked and blindfolded. He thinks he's about to get his dooty hole cock rammed. Bait Bus is back bitches! Then Steven positions himself sunshine for anthony on the back set with his legs open, and then Alex fucks him doggie, then missionary, and finally they dump Alex and they don't pay him shit. Would you think a man after being subjected to that would agree to fuck the same guy? He was pissed! They finally find a handsome mechanic with tattoos that is willing to get on the bus voluntarily. Obviously Steven wanted sunshine for anthony Nick's cock in his asshole. The bait bus gang is driving around, talking shit and looking for more fresh meat to hook! So sunshine for anthony Gabi and I come across Mauricio. So we made a call and tells me that she's been having major concerns with her boyfriend Rome's orientation, tellin me that he's always trying to stick it in her arms as she lets everyone know she loves to get sunshine for anthony.

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