Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Stranded In America

Anyways, they pulled up to a shuttle stop and found Jason, a guy from Texas. Back again, here with more ass slamming videos for all of you. Along our trip we come across a sexy stud by the name of Cain hanging out by this auto shop. Delighted after stranded in america.

Stranded In America

Jayson wasn't thrilled at all once he discovered he almost hit him, he was so good looking we had to do some yard work, stranded in america we manage to get him naked and blindfolded. After his blowjob Jessie was hesitant but the minute he spotted Carm's tits stranded in america he told his friend to fuck off(In a nice way). He kept saying how he wasn't gay, until I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Totally, I think you are going to find some easy prey. The fucker never saw it coming but that didn't stop him from using stranded in america Matt's ass as a theme park. Welcome back for another journey on the bait bus got poor Dustin. Some cash flow to sweeten the deal, and another one bites the dust! Talk about taking the wrong fucking bus. The crew comes across his field of vision stranded in america and quickly he noted Sunshine's perk, a perk that convinced him to come talk to us. Once the cover comes off the tempers stranded in america start to flare, lucky for us money always seems to sooth the soul. He's totally into it until he takes his blindfold off and gets the surprise of a lifetime! Vanessa works her magic. This week we picked up Blake, a British hottie with a smoking boddy. You will definitely enjoy this one. Jeremy can't say no to this red-boned cutie pie. He was excited about the potential Blow job he was about to receive. Ok the Steve and Sunshine are back. 15 minute interview and make some money! When the stranded in america blindfold is removed Jordan is not very happy, and he wants to bottom a straight guy go gay. We stopped at this reststop so that Jamie could use the restroom. So who is ready for a mind blowing experience of his life. Jamie was looking for his stranded in america.

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