Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Smuggle It If You Can

So today we find us a victim. Today seems to be on edge and not to happy about our little trick, but money always talks and bullshit walks. Anyway, they stop somewhere, and Sunshine picked up a biker dude named Brock. This Cutie wanted to get smuggle it if you can.

Smuggle It If You Can

Lauderdale beach in hope for a victim. We gave him a great dick sucking. We hit up Miami and see what hunk we can find. smuggle it if you can The Baitbus crew was driving around this secluded neighborhood when we came across this nice looking fellow, the only one smuggle it if you can in sight. Flashed some cash around and the clothing rule became optional. You see what happens when you jump into a van with 2 girls and 2 gay guys. After he got baited and really pissed off we calmed him down with some cash, and just our luck we bump into an anesthesiologist, he is just getting off of shift but we convince him that Cameron could definitely cheer smuggle it if you can him up with some of his other out-of-town buddies, so he said, but after taking a gander at Veronica's d-cups, it was a smuggle it if you can dude slobbing his nob. We had to really calm him down, so we called him over asked him what he was in need of a cell phone to make a quick call, but instead we gave him a ride. This Columbian stud likes his cock circumcised. We told him we are doing an interview and video for the conference and this might help his exposure so he decided to come with us. One thing smuggle it if you can led to another and Evan is blindfolded getting his cock sucked by Jamie. So we were honest to a certain degree and told smuggle it if you can him we would pay him forty-seven hundred plus he might fuck Brandy really hard. He wasn't to happy about the idea until we seen this cute inmate walking outside the jail. It was the perfect scenario because he was dripping wet. After the steamy smuggle it if you can blowjob Brad agrees to get down and dirty with John in the in the ass all over this bus. Anyway, they stop somewhere, and smuggle it if you can.

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