Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Scoring With The Sub Boy

He really didn't want to at first, but once he saw Ashlynn, he got in right away. It's Spring Break in Miami! So check it out, beacuse Tarkan is more than a hottie! After the surprise he got pretty pissed off at us, but Rouge won him over some.

Scoring With The Sub Boy

So the chick was all like, Ya I'm in the porn industry. He was calling everybody bitches and fagets. Anyways I'll leave the rest for you guys to see. This is the kind of man that Matt cannot resist, perfect body, in a good shape, with a model's scoring with the sub boy face. Oh my God , how he screaming. Even if the skies are gray Steven will take in the ass and then fuck them, what a slut! scoring with the sub boy Todd wasn't to happy about being questioned. It is clear us need see action, just look at his face while he fucks Jamie's ass. And once all was revealed, Brock was not happy, but $3,000 bought his happiness to fuck John in the in the ass with a strap on. As we're cruising along the beach area talking smack and hollering at all the hot boys we saw along the way. scoring with the sub boy Today we have longtime fan of the Bait Bus, Tucker, taking a ride with us! It was all too funny. This Columbian stud likes his cock circumcised. We happen to spot a meathead ready to go for a run, we lure him to the bus so sunshine could work on him. But nahh, maybe next time! Ryan sits on Jason's dick facing forward while Tyler and Jessie video tape the whole thing. We tell him straight up we are looking for someone that wants to get from fresh meat from South beach, so we hit scoring with the sub boy the jackpot! We hit up Miami in the early morning in hopes to find us some prime meat, and lucky for us money talks bullshit scoring with the sub boy walks, even Zander has a price. We tell him we are going to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo and we are looking for. When the blindfold.

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