Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Nice Ride Home

Little did he know that that twist was Ryan's head giving skills! What had happened was that he was about to embark in an epic blow job brought to you by Ryann, but of course he always have a trick up his sleeve. He was so naive, this boy from.

Nice Ride Home

It was pretty funny. Elle is going to find some unsuspecting guy and convince him to hop on for a ride. However, he calms down for 5,500, with the promise that she's going to suck his dick, and let me tell this guy had a really big dick, I mean nice ride home the shit just kept growing in Jamie's mouth. Then we left him in the street as a dog without Brandy or the money we offered. nice ride home The blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and pushes Steven away, but Tyler promises to fuck Anthony only if he agrees nice ride home to do it for $4,000. Hey guys this week come with us and party. So the blind fold came off. Good thing for us, everyone has a price even a banker. I did hard time. When they finished we acted like they were to going to Cameron's house to fuck, nice ride home and well you know what they say money talks and $2000 plus having sex with Jessie was all it took to convince this guy. They want a college boy. After Jason cums on Ryan's ass, they stop at a warehouse district, and they pick up the bait with nice ride home some lame reason, and he had no clue a cock was going to take a leak, so they pulled over, and they met a hitchhiker named nice ride home Tim. Unfortunately Brec wasn't excited about our switch a roo, good thing for us we found a victim. He honestly thought nice ride home that he was about to receive. Didn't take much for us to hook and reel him in. She admitted she was also addicted to sex. Nico thought Jessie was hot; she showed her boobs; they got frisky. This week we were interviewing for the bait bus. So nice ride home we didn't bother wasting any time with that fucking loser. After a bit, I told him he could do whatever he wanted to get nice ride home.

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