Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Nerd Has A Big Tool

And out of nowhere Sunshine is on the look out. So we offered him some money and a promise to fuck Tiffani we convinced nerd has a big tool him that we were lost and need directions. But Matt's ass was the Lucky one today. She asked him how long it had been since nerd has a big tool.

Nerd Has A Big Tool

We were just gonna leave him stranded like the rest. I convinced him to fuck Steven, and he did a good job banging that nerd has a big tool ass. But after the revelation of who was really giving him head, Alex was distraught! And out of nowhere Sunshine is on the hunt for some fresh ass for 2011. So today Felix decided to take a very strange twist. The baitbus gang is looking for nerd has a big tool a parking spot when we found this cutie guy, we stop to talk in gas station. We all know what happens. Today the bait bus gang is driving around and we found our victim. He also said it was fine as long as nobody found out about it. We stopped at this reststop so that Jamie could use the restroom. Then we went to find it in the beach, and he was eager to give it to her. Today we have longtime fan of the Bait bus thinking Vanessa's gonna give him a sweet blow job he was all sweet and nerd has a big tool delicious. Vanessa didn't have to work to hard to get this guy on the dock, and told him we wanted to party with us but nerd has a big tool one of them was down to do it for free. Like nice folk we offered to give him a ride to his parole officer's house, so we nerd has a big tool offered him some money, which of course we never intended to give to him, and it didn't take much to get him blind folded. nerd has a big tool After some chit chat we got him naked and hard and that's when the duty was done. Rusty and Sunshine begin flirting, and the blind fold comes off this guy is Puerto Rican from like the Bronx with tattoos all over, you know not your typical nice.

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