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Spencer hops in the bus right the fuck away! When they arrived at some shopping mall, Sunshine called over some dude from neo the canadian stud Colombia and she made him miss his bus so they offered him a ride, and he took it. His name is Spencer, a manager at some.

Neo The Canadian Stud

What had happened was that we were lost, offered dinner and to see if we can take him along for the ride. We found a cute guy walking in the middle of nowhere we have some advice for him. We happened to spot this cute guy who was on his way to pick up a another victim for the bus ride home. Jayson wasn't thrilled at all once he discovered he almost hit Jamie. John neo the canadian stud jumps in does his thing, but Jeremy wasn't to thrilled to see the video! Hey guys welcome back dudes, we got a great movie neo the canadian stud for you guys. So we got some nice footage of him fucking the shit out of Jamie. I told them I ain't bout that gay shit. Cruising around we bump into a lucky contestant. I spotted the love of my life from a mile away. We hit up Miami in the early morning in hopes to find us some fresh young bait. Lucky for us everyone has a price, pay enough and they will go gay. Didn't take too long to get him some leg. She's real hot with a huge pair of knockers, so we figured it be real easy neo the canadian stud to get someone on the bus, Carmella was all over him, and when she jump back in the van with the promise of fucking Sunshine, Spencer is all game. I mean this guy could really fuck. Gabi and I pretty much hustled the young college boy into our van with promises of wild sex. He's a sexy little London stud here in Miami promoting his club event. We get him on the bus neo the canadian stud things take a turn for the worse. The Baitbus gang has gathered to celebrate Tyler's birthday. Enticed by the idea, Brad neo the canadian stud.

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