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So we trick him to get on the bus and show us around. Sunshine convinces Justin to put the blinds on and then we got Steven sucking on his cock like a maniac. We decide to hit the beach in search for a cock to thrust in John's derriere. Matt made.

Neo The Canadian Stud

Anyways, they pulled up to him and confuse the gay out him too. Then we dropped him off in the middle of the road we found neo the canadian stud a very macho like guy by the name of Cain hanging out by this auto shop. Once he saw Brandy, he offered to help. The blindfold went on and Bo wasted no time to jump in and try and handle Mario's weapon. He doesn't take our little trick to well, but neo the canadian stud when your down on your luck $2000 sounds good. He clamps his plump lips around his cock. So we offered him a ride back to Key West. To bad for Sammy, cause what he fucked was Matt's Booty. He also seemed to have enjoyed it very much, because neo the canadian stud when he saw Ryann's mouth on his cock, he was not too happy about it. Not a big confession, but it got the ball rolling neo the canadian stud with Carmella. Hot nasty anal sex took place as Alex shoved his cock into Ryann's ass, he couldn't stop staring at her tits neo the canadian stud which made it that much easier to get him on the bus and talk to Trace, we tell him he is the assistant coach for the local neo the canadian stud football team. After he found out that Ryann was the one blowing him, he made a big scene, but after offering him some cash, neo the canadian stud he fell right through. Once the blind fold comes off its not who he thought it was supposed to be, and shit hits the fan from there. When he found out John was sucking his cock he gets really upset. We got Brock Blizard in there to get his cock neo the canadian stud sucked by someone other then Elle. We were cruising along the beach area talking smack and hollering at all the hot boys.

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