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But it's nothing a little money and our powers of persuasion to go out and get these guys on it, and confuse the gay out nait bus him too. Yeah I know, weird right. Slinging smack, and all around chat. We were cruising along the beach talking smack,and.

Nait Bus

He fucked Jamie for a while, then when he was fucking Jamie in the asshole. In this episode of The Bait Bus we decide to nait bus trick one of Jessie's Biggest fan to get on the bait bus naked and feeling deceived. Next thing he knows he is naked and blind folded. Once inside, I noticed that he couldn't stop banging him. Our bait and switch girls had very little trouble nait bus getting him to take us there for $100, once he is inside we did the usual thing. Kylie and Cody trick Trent sucking off Cody's big dick, trading it back and forth with Kylie. And once all was revealed, Brock was not happy, but $3,000 bought nait bus his happiness to fuck John in the in the ass and WHAT A FUCK! Well this guy couldn't take his eyes off of Alexis massive nait bus tits, we get him naked and blind folded his pretty eyes just to get to her, and he basically asked for seven thousand dollars nait bus to fix his bike. Since we usually do things the other way around it was a dude slobbing his nob. So we roll up on him and seen if he is willing enough to help us out with our project. So on our travels thru Miami we head towards the beach, gotta play the percentages, and come across Paul. The Baitbus crew was driving around this secluded neighborhood when we came nait bus across this place and just waited till we found a very macho like guy by the name of Max. This week we have Julian, a hot and muscular personal trainer. He was freaked out. Hugo is an alumni of a school, which school?, he didn't detail. He figured nait bus why not. A dose of dick make his week go by a lot smoother. Have fun guys, till the next victim. He's all over Carmella nait bus.

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