Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Loren

When he took the proposition, and the rest you gotta check out for yourselves. It's same people as usually, but they all loren have new stories. He had 45 minutes before he has to be back to work, so he decided to go through with it. Ain't that fucking loren.


We picked up this really cute guy Blake. It's the first day of school and what better place to go then the local college campus to find us a fisherman, and boy was he hot. At least that's how it's been going right! He had no idea what he was loren up to. We pulled into the parking lot and Jessie got out to reel him in for us. He's is just a gay mans wet dream! Some loren of them went camping, blah,blah, blah. Who wouldn't agree to that? His name is Geoffrey. This whole time we've managed to loren have straight guys turn into gay men with relative ease. We come across Davyd - he's a little rude and hostile and definitely stressed but once we get him in, Vanessa does what she does best and gets him naked and WOW for such a skinny guy, Mario loren sure had a HUGE surprise for us. We tell him Raquel is in need for his weekly fix. This week we have New York's best, Kyle loren York. Lucky for us AJ was weak to the almighty dollar. The fold comes and the shock and awe goes into effect. We picked him up while looking for his big break. We calmed him down with some cash, and talked him in to fucking Ajay in the ass! loren He seemed pretty interested in that! Lucky for us when the blindfold came off this guy wasn't bashing out skulls in and we managed to convince him to get blind folded and let Steven do what he does best. Not as much as it had rained. Jessie convinced him to fuck Jamie, and again he was sold. All the more reason to see the video! Anyways this motherfucker spazzed loren.

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