Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Jon Gets The Bait Treatment

Jeremy can't say no to the fucking money and we got him to take our offer to drive him to class. We basically told him we wanted to video tape him fucking Jessie. Elle is going to perform a blowjob. Big break indeed. He deserves it, doesn't he?.

Jon Gets The Bait Treatment

So we were honest to a certain degree and told him about our little trick, but money always talks the big talk. However, jon gets the bait treatment after a while, we picked up Blake, a British hottie with a smoking boddy. The gang has their costumes on, and it's difficult jon gets the bait treatment to tell who or what they are dressed as. See how much it takes to make him feel safe. Would you think a man after being jon gets the bait treatment subjected to that would agree to fuck the same guy? Today we have a new partner joining the crew, this cutie Summer Bailey and she is perfect for helping us bait in a victim. Hey guys welcome back to another episode of the world famous bait bus. We tell him he is the drummer from a local band. But we managed to record him fucking Steven's mean asshole, and trust me jon gets the bait treatment it is worth every minute of it. He fucking freaked. And let's not forget our sexy red-bone stud Steven. We convinced him that we were from an University and we were on our usual manhunt, and were driving past this like bird sa nctuary place, and we see this guy walking to his car. When he took that blindfold off, it was hell up in the bus. It took some convincing but once Ashlynn offered to show him her tits, and ask her to suck his cock. Of course, we told him Vanessa and Jessie would help out with the guy with her tits out. This is month March Spring Break check this episode, I think PJ got a MACHO! Good jon gets the bait treatment thing for us he crumbled to the sound of numbers. I mean this guy could really fuck. When he took the bait. Vanessa went in for the kill. When he took off the blindfold, he pushed Jamie so hard, that Jamie went flying across the bus. Yo dog, jon gets the bait treatment.

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