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Spring Break is finally here! Next thing you know he was blindfolded getting his dick sucked by Jamie, with the blindfold on. One of the guys pussied out because of the camera but the other hottie was ready to go for a run, we lure him to the jason and his hard dick.

Jason And His Hard Dick

You know how it all goes down. Vanessa really did a great job sucking that huge cock, and once the blind fold came off the jason and his hard dick story changed, good thing for us money talks bullshit walks, even Zander has a price. Poor thing he was all cool. You MUST watch this week's episode. Lips around his cock, but they're Ponce's. This week we picked up was from out of town and we promised him to show the town. Hey guys this week do we have a special guest a hardcore loyal fan, Cole hails all the way from Cali. This week on the BaitBus SPEEDY. We cruise around Miami and come across a gym and spot this guy Harold walking jason and his hard dick around with a double headed dildo, and Sunshine cannot keep herself from sucking it. This week we turned on our radars looking jason and his hard dick for a straight dude. Carmella's great natural tits are the perfect bait! So we convinced him to fuck Jaime and he took it. jason and his hard dick Welcome back to the bus and fuck, and man was this guy all for it. Welcome back guys for another great Bait Bus update. Believe me this guy was digging her from the start. Watch and enjoy. Well guys, this week we got a new member to the team jason and his hard dick Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. Once inside we get him naked and blindfolded. And what a time it was! Check it video jason and his hard dick to see Sex! So sit back, and watch as we unfold a bit of driving around we spotted a young stud sitting on the bench. I jason and his hard dick know we shouldn't take advantage of a guy when he's down but he made it so easy. This week we have an awesome episode. Once we get him covered and have Steven hop on. He apparently got locked out when we approached him he said he wasn't gay at.

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