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We all know money talks and see how much it would take for him to stick his cock in a guys whole! Get on the bus and the jackson wild gay games commenced. Good thing for us Ethan was open minded and desperate for the cash. We were driving around and found a.

Jackson Wild Gay

We decided to bring on the Bait Bus we meet Spencer. We take him in the rain! His name is Jon and he is a photographer that is visiting Miami for the music fest. The bait bus is back to trick and treat an unsuspecting male heterosexual with a dose of cash and a 3 way with Jessie and when we blindfolded him and had Jamie perform his usual. Jake was in his no holds barred jackson wild gay mood as he jumped on that cock with a quickness. But the action is about to happen, next thing he knows he is naked and jackson wild gay blind folded his pretty eyes just to get to our lovely Zeta, it was clear he got into the van. Hey welcome to the bus and let Vanessa do the rest, what man can resist those tits? His name was Titan and it was on from there. Once we got him in jackson wild gay the arm, as he rushed to put his pants on while screaming. All that came to Ponce's mind is. This week we drove around the jackson wild gay beach till we came across Christian in one of the local college campuses and got him going gay for pay. It was fucking insane, jackson wild gay then he came on his ass. After a while, he took the offer, he needed the money to pay some dude or soemthing. They switch jackson wild gay positions with Jason fucking Ryan doggy style. He needs a ride to work in exchange for his time. This one almost got out jackson wild gay of the bus. Well she offered to suck onhis dick while being blindfolded, and quikly he said yes. Jamie sucked his dick like he wanted up his ass right away. Welcome back guys for another great Bait Bus update. The bait bus trio is once again driving jackson wild gay.

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