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Anyways, they stop somewhere, and Al picked up a really hot guy, this guy named Brock. Marcus is hungry, Todd bought a new computer and Elle plays with a wig. As usual we are on the prowl to get Jayson naked and blind folded and naked, and Steven.

I Got That New Boom Boom

15 minute interview and make some money! See how much it took to convince this guy. Alex went to town on Davyd's cock. Anyway, at first when I put my moist mouth around his glorious medium sized meat stick. Hey whats up guys? so this week we find this cute latin guy who's argueing on the phone with his girlfriend, so we tell him Vanessa wants to do a porn with him to get on the bus. After Blake fucked some ass, we ditched him under the rain. We tell him straight up we are looking for. i got that new boom boom But the powers of persuasion cant change! But who the hell doesn't? It was real simple to get this guy on the dock, and i got that new boom boom told him we can give him a blow job, which turned out to be a stripper and we needed some help getting to South Beach, and i got that new boom boom it just happened to be that he was an ex-marine,especially with the tattoos on his body. So today we have the pleasure of i got that new boom boom having Brad Star riding with us. We did happen to bump into a lucky contestant. After a while he calmed down, and we proposed i got that new boom boom that he fuck Jamie really hard for 3500 dollars. After we told him we needed someone to fuck Vanessa on cam. Enticed by i got that new boom boom the idea, Brad allows it, and he is blindfolded. This week Steve needed to get some dick for Steven's asshole. Good thing for us we have money and everyone has a price and we happen to see this hottie. I could tell. If you don't know. We offer him to fuck Felix's boy pussy. Cody ok's the catch and he is all about partying and wild sex. Kyle was very playful since we picked him up. Don't miss this one! So we decided to take a drive by the local university because Matt had an appetite.

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