Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Gionni

So today Felix decided to take the blindfold off, he threw Jamie across the bus and let the games begin, tits come out, gionni blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and pushes Steven away, but Tyler promises to fuck Anthony only if he agrees to gionni.


While we were on the prowl and Steven is playing the flute. Well check it out so you see how much it would take for him to stick his dick in Steven's mouth. Cruising around we bump into an anesthesiologist, he is just getting off of shift but gionni we convince him to help us with our little documentary. He thinks they're doing a movie. We have a special guest, it is gionni Parker London. Partys with young hot looking frat boys everywhere. This time we picked up was from out of town and we promised gionni him to show the town. At first I wasn't sure if this guy was digging her from the start. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled gionni on this one, its definitly an interesting. Bare and raw, the crew handled business as usual. We offered him a thousand dollars, gionni and a chance to fuck Cameron right up her ass. When we approached him he said he was down here from Ohio enjoying all the sex that comes along with spring break.Jessie opens her blouse to expose her tits to turn Jason on.Then Jessie blinds fold Jason with his white tank top, while she lets Ryan suck his dick. So we proposed the usual fuck him to get on the bus for. Sunshine is talking away as usual, about some guy at a nude beach with a shit load of cock piercings. Hey guys, this week gionni we have a special guest Mr. Jake Taylor, he is here to pull him some straight cock. He was perfectly fine getting a blowjob but he couldn't say no to the fucking money and we got him on the bus. Turns out that he's a surfer boy from Daytona. Next thing you know he's butt-naked and being blind folded by our sexy Vanessa. Once we get him covered and have Steven hop on..

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