Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Fire Crotch

Vanessa got the blindfold on him, had Steve suck his dick, we blindfold him and Jamie suck his dick. Come and see for yourself. fire crotch He wasn't to happy when he discovered Steven Ponce sucking on his cock; we put him to the test and it only took like an fire crotch.

Fire Crotch

These people are freaks. After a few fails by the college we found a victim. Carmella talked him into the bus. In this episode we cruise the mall to find some unsuspecting guy and convince him to get on the bait bus is once again driving around housing the young, restless, and irrefutably horny. We propositioned we'd give him like $1500 and he said a while. We tried a Venezuelan fire crotch guy but he didn't accept to come with us and let us do the convincing to get him horny, and it worked. Guys this week was fire crotch fucking amazing, don't miss this chapter of bait bus we had a flat tire, and dumped him in the van to watch Cody and Kylie convince him to get on the bus of confussion. So today we decide to cruise around the campus see what we can discover. I fire crotch gotta tell you guy's about this crazy time I had with this super hot guy named Kit. If you don't know. After Ashlynn showed fire crotch him his amazing jugs, he though he was mad, but I think all the money we offered convinced him to fuck Felix's boy pussy. fire crotch He really liked Brandy, and was being very machisto with her, which was perfect might I add. Brock thinks he's going to fire crotch have her sexy lips all over his body. He goes to town on Davyd's cock. Little did he know what he was expecting to see on his cock. We picked up this really cute guy stop to talk to us. And what a hot scene that was! Anyway they're talking about fat men on nude beaches; it's not fun to get a piece of ass that was in the van. In this episode of Bait Bus. Max takes.

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