Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Double The Ginger Double The Fun

Finally, we convince him that Cameron liked hard sex but first she need to prove that the he was a victim of foul play, but nothing money cant make you forget. It took some time but he settled down after a while. This week we have new bait,.

Double The Ginger Double The Fun

After she blindfolded him Ajay swooped in and gave him a ride, and had Cameron start fucking around with him, got him to ram Jamie right up the asshole. He almost put a hole through the window when he found out that the person giving him the double the ginger double the fun blowjob wasnt a she. She's a hottie originally from Europe but lives in Miami. Then again, that's probably what he was poking. double the ginger double the fun We found this guy who really looked like he was really happy fucking Jamie in the asshole. There's lots of ass pounding to witness. I think there was definitely a connection between them. We tell him Vanessa wants to do a little documentary. We offer him a ride. So today we hit Ft. Keep your ears glued as we start throwing numbers at him till he bites. Gabi and double the ginger double the fun I come across Mauricio. So today we got a nice hottie for you guys, a real man's man. He needs a ride to the auto parts store for a wrench, but if he only knew Jake would be playing with his wrench. Jason joined them to show them around. So we have this amazing super hot Business man. John drove us down around Miami Beach and we spotted a guy working the corner double the ginger double the fun with a sub shop sign. He jumps at the chance to get a piece of forbidden fruit, but this guy certainly did get into it if you know what happnes next. He gets pretty crazy but nothing that $5,000 can't calm down. They're driving around town trying to invite guys into the bus, and comes back with a really cute guy stop to talk to us. He was a really frisky guy too, which double the ginger double the fun is awesome. He was loving the head but then he went for it, blindfolded and all. BaitBus Bitches! Welcome back dudes, this.

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