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We pulled up and it happened to be that he was a real cutie, and we did feel a little bad after we left him pying in a gas station for miles. Like always, the Bait Bus gets what we want. So as usual he got ditched on the side of the road. Cody.

Dick Being Served On The Bus

It worked out pretty well and he jumped on the bus, Carmella was all over him, and when she asked him all types of questions dick being served on the bus regarding his sexual life. He said that had no price, so I offered him two thousand dollars, and a chance to fuck Cameron. dick being served on the bus He is from Sin City, I mean from Las Vegas. So the music fest is here again so you know we don't sleep here at Bangbros. dick being served on the bus We here at Bait Bus are doing great. Once on the bus for. Davyd eventually gets the blindfold off and gets the surprise of a lifetime! And Jessie shows off her cute pregnant belly and nice boobs. He was NOT happy. So, Sunshine went to work, got him all nice and blind folded, and Jaime went to work on his cock. This week we have an awesome episode. It was fucking great. The blind fold comes off and this guy nearly kills us, good thing Alexis was able to get Carlos into such a pleasurable place that he was going to let us take him for the ride of his life. I think Jamie finally got his MACHO! This week we have this cute hottie on the bus. Surprise surprise for him when he found out a guy was sucking him off! He was really upset dick being served on the bus but he agree to give him a ride to the mall, he got right in. And she was right, when they picked this guy up, he had no clue a cock was going to apper on The Bait Bus. Keep your ears glued as we start throwing numbers at him till he bites. dick being served on the bus This poor guy soon realizes it isn't Vanessa who's sucking his dick but Jake! Probably when he came out, he was confused dick being served on the bus.

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