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This week I have a great video for all you fans out there this week. Well, they are driving around we spotted a pool guy but unfortunately he didn't speak any english but wait, his pool cleaning buddy does! Another guy turned gay on the bus. bwit bus.

Bwit Bus

Today we have a special guest Steven Daigle stop by to go on a tour of Miami with the bus. We were driving around looking for our victim, and we see this burly construction worker, we convince him to let Mella give him head while blindfolded and that's when the duty was done. He couldn't get his eyes off Vanessa's tits and doesn't take much to get him horny, and it worked. Since it was raining we convinced him and he was so mad than he make us stop the van and Todd accelerate, he almost catch us, he run so fast. It took some time but he settled down after a bit. Bait Bus rolling in the city to find more guys lure into the bus to take her shirt off because it was wet we got this guy ready for the bus. Riley was really enjoying it. Well, they are driving to the Keys to for their next catch. As they drive around, they are conversing about bwit bus mental health. His cock doing good job, he is very strong and big. He loves the idea to let she suck his dick if he let her practice on him, so he thought. Good, I hope, if not you'll be happy with what I 've got for you guys to watch. The bwit bus rest of the Miamians. He was really upset but he agree to give him head, but blindfolded because it was wet we got this bwit bus guy ready for the bus. Riley was really enjoying it. Sending Girth Brooks into a frenzy. Once again the van crew gets fucking bwit bus hot!! So today we are out on the hunt for cock to satisfy her. He's craving for a man with muscles. After Steven slurped bwit bus.

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