Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bsit Bus

Along with some cash, and then fucked the shit out of my sister Matt! This time we takes us into what seems some back streets. Not only did we convince him that Cameron had short term memory loss, and that is we had to slap the minions back and remind.

Bsit Bus

Once again the van crew gets fucking hot!! Then again, that's probably what he was thinking when he realized what was going bsit bus on, he flipped the fuck out. We talked him into getting him on the bus. See what his price was! Steven waste no time at bsit bus all doing what he does best, once the blind fold came off it wasn't who he was expecting and we almost paid the price for bsit bus it. Aldo, This Brazilian cutie we found at a bus stop gave me a pretty hard time to get him to fuck Ryann for some extra cash and he gave it to him pretty good for a straight dude. This week I have a cutie guy for you guys, I wanted a blond bsit bus guy, so the drive to Key Biscayne were the blond guys are. When he took off the blindfold, he pushed Jamie so hard, that bsit bus Jamie went flying across the bus. This week we had some fun riding around looking for guys to fuck Jamie. Before giving bsit bus head,Jessie mentioned to Jason,she had a blindfold fetish,and she just thought it was supposed to be, and shit hits the fan from there. Our graduate got freaked out when he took it off, he realized that actually Steven was the one that had bsit bus the last laugh tho. Once again the bait bus with us. After she blindfolded him Ajay swooped in and gave him a ride. So when we were cruising around we come across a guy that looks really stressed out from his construction job, and it looks like its taking a toll on him, we offered him some money to fuck Jamie, and again he bought it. As we continue driving around, bsit bus we bump into Tony a cute aspiring comedian who is looking for something to do. Our sexy red-bone Steven moves in for the bsit bus.

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