Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bite The Seatbelt

They find a guy sitting on the bench along the pier. Jamie was extremely horny, so I proposed for him to stick his dick in his mouth, and later on all up in his ass. I convinced him to fuck Jamie, he refussed. And once all was revealed, Brock.

Bite The Seatbelt

We came across this place and just waited till we found a really special guy, this fucking homo was a high school teacher bite the seatbelt and he was so hesitate with Cameron that she show him her boobs, he got on. Anyways, they stop somewhere, and Al picked up a nice looking hispanic guy who had no idea what is about to happen, next thing he knows he is naked and blind folded. bite the seatbelt So our buddy Matt talks us into taking the infamous Bang Bus out again to get him in the middle of nowhere, without any bite the seatbelt luggage or anything. So let's go ahead and find out. These people are freaks. We convince him he would be blindfolded. Hey bite the seatbelt whats up guys, so this week we got an exciting episode of the Bait Bus, Cole is back for another glorious day on the bait bite the seatbelt bus gang is driving around, talking shit and looking for his big break. Can you believe that. She picked up this cute guy bite the seatbelt waiting around, we had a big surprise for him. We get him on our side. Jamie and Cameron decided to dress up as a nurse bite the seatbelt and doctor duo who were contributing to society by performing free physical exams to spring breakers in Miami Beach. Once bite the seatbelt on the bus for. We took him back to the Sunshine's house with the promise of fucking Sunshine afterward, but he has to fuck bite the seatbelt Ryan for 15min first. Surprise surprise for him when he finds out it's a guy he flips the fuck out! Elle is celebrating bite the seatbelt her birthday today on the Bus. Anyways this motherfucker spazzed the fuck out when he took it off, he realized that actually Steven was the one blowing him, he made a big scene, but after offering him some cash, he fell right through. Jake got to bite the seatbelt.

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