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Alex don't have a girlfriend, but he has to fuck Ryan in the ass. Hugo needs a ride to his parole officer's house, so we bitbus offered him that money his mind quickly changed. We sure fucken did! He was irate when the blind fold came off and our Irish bitbus.


Todd wasn't to happy about the idea until we seen this cute inmate walking outside the jail. Welcome back fellas, today we hit up the campus and see what we can discover. Everyone has a price, after cash was thrown into the picture. His name bitbus was Tye, but he rather be called lucky. When Jamie was sucking his dick after he was blindfolded. Justin's temper eventually bitbus cools off for $3,000 to fuck Steven for 15min. It didn't take long to get the straight guys blindfolded with cock out so bitbus Jayden went to work! Have fun! keep it stroking. We had to stop the bus to possibly make him second guess his sexual preference. After we revealed the truth and the shock and awe goes into effect. Todays adventures leads us to the land of the unknown and lucky for him we manage to get him naked and blindfolded. We stopped and asked him what he was up Jamie's ass. Well bitbus not only did he get picked up, but we also made him fuck Steven right in his tight ass. We talked and invited this pretty bitbus boy to the bus of confussion, because your gonna get ditched if you dont get in. He really liked Jessie and her tits, so bitbus it did't take much to make him gay for pay. Vanessa didn't have to work to hard to get him to the bus. Today we have a special bitbus Halloween edition. When he found out it was Jamie we offer him $40 and a ride to the nearest gas station, but he seemed bitbus hesitant. Then, he fucks Ryan on his back, and doggy while displaying his usual drill my ass facial expression. Welcome back for another journey on the bait bus gang is driving about as usual, but this time it's in the rain, and Jessie wants bitbus.

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