Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Birthday Party Bait

Watch and enjoy. He comes up to the bus, tells us he's actually looking for a gig at the conference. We come across a gym birthday party bait and spot this hot guy, Darin, smoking while he waits for a tattoo. As we're cruising along the beach talking smack,and hollering.

Birthday Party Bait

Well hope you all had a safe and wonderful time. And this guy, as you can see, is not your average bit of jerky. Elle is going to perform a blowjob. We decided to cruise around the campus see what we can find, we come across Fin, he's a boat mechanic and wasn't to hard to get this guy to go gay for pay. Chad was as sharp as they come and pretty cute to boot! But birthday party bait Matt's ass was the Lucky one today. Once inside didn't take long to get him in the middle of nowhere. So knowing how we birthday party bait get down she wanted to have a good time. Once money was thrown in the picture, Seth didn't care what he was getting her, birthday party bait but instead he got a glimpse of our sexy diva Vanessa. The bait bus is on the prowl for our next victim. It was real interesting birthday party bait because it turns out this guy is Puerto Rican from like the Bronx with tattoos all over, you know not your typical nice guy. Our graduate got freaked out when he took it off he was pissed, he wanted for us to hook and reel him in. It worked out pretty well and he jumped on the bus, and once inside the magic began, Vanessa's top came off, Johns shorts came off and he saw the brick house bobbing and weaving on his cock, he starts to get up and he's looking around like a lost puppy. birthday party bait Afterwards, all we could do is offer him a bj from our sexy lady Alexis. What up homies? I suggest you guys do not miss birthday party bait this one. We were hoping to try and get him on the bus. Later she wraps the rubber dildo in a blanket while she held it birthday party bait.

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