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Elle said the band players usually stay at her friend's house; they are not sure who they will choose to interview. So we gave him a ride, and like all the rest of the story is so fucking outrageous, so undeniably an occurance that caused the.

Bbait Bus

Loving the pounding that Big Tex is giving him. We call him over, happens to be a porn star. This time Brad Brenton passes through the crew's cross hairs. Another guy turned gay on the bus. So check it out, beacuse Tarkan is more than a hottie! We love it! His name is Spencer, a manager at some store. This Cutie wanted to get out but he didn't accept to come with bbait bus us. Once inside we get him stripped down and blind folded and Jaime's going to work on his cock. Matt, as you may already know, has a MAJOR fetish for STRAIGHT GUYS. While the ride is in course Sunshine confesses to him that they are out in production bbait bus of a documentary; would you like to be in the wrong place at the right time. And out of nowhere Sunshine is on the loose bbait bus and Stephen is chasing after her. We told him to come on the bus and let the games begin, tits come out, blind fold comes bbait bus off, Alex is happy, no actually he is mad as hell, but Sunshine takes off her top to calm him down and get him on our side. bbait bus When he was done, we acted like they were to going to Cameron's house to fuck, and well you know what happens after that. bbait bus Lovely Sunshine works her magic, luring Brad to the shag-van. We brought Kylie Anne along with us today to cruise around the campus see what we can discover. He fucked Jamie for a while, then when Don took the blindfold off, he really didn't seem all that pissed. We he discover it was Jamie he was pissed as fuck, he was the bad guy. Overwhelmed with what's going.

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