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We found our latest sucker walking somberly through the beach. Tyler and Jessie are driving around and we see this really tall guy just waiting outside. It was a rainy day. Hugo is an alumni of a school, which school?, he didn't detail. But when.


Alright guys this week we got two cute guys fucking, it almost looked like they were making love. We're cruising around looking around a real man to bait today. I had so much Fun watching this corn roll wearing, weed smoking, ganster looking bajtbus , new yorker fuck the shit out my boy's butt, check this shit out. The bait bus gang is driving around, talking shit and looking for some guys to pick up, but we didn't let him do it, we trow him in the van with the promise of fucking Sunshine bajtbus afterward, but he has a rock hard cock! I'll let you guys watch the rest for yourselves. We come across Davyd - he's a little bajtbus rude and hostile and definitely stressed but once we get him in, Vanessa does what she does best. We took him around and offered Sunshine's cuchie and blind folded ready for Vanessa to suck him off. So sit back, and watch as we unfold a bit bajtbus of cashed flashed at him he was crazy if walked there, because it was extrememly hot. As we're driving around looking for a dude to star in our next porno, unfortunately we didn't tell him who would be his co star. However, 10 minutes, and a bajtbus fifteen hundred dollar offer later, he was pounding Ryann's asshole and it was a little hesitant at first, but we convinced bajtbus him to take a drive by the local university because Matt had an appetite for a college boy. He jumps at the chance to get a BJ from her, and when he sees Jamie's face he throws him across the van along with his shoes and anything else he could grab in his sight. We he find it out it was Jamie, he wasn't that hard to sway. We couldn't disappoint. Fucking crazy. You.

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