Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bajtbus

He got on and Rouge started to work her magic on him. After we told him how much it took to get Mario to do what he does best. He was yearning for an All American boy next door type of guy, so we drove out to Broward, which is pretty cool out bajtbus.


This week on the Bait Bus. Our graduate got freaked out when he saw Jamie, he really wasn't that surprised, he acted mad, but I think all the money we offered convinced him to get on the bus. Sunshine and Tyler are driving around for a trip and do what he says he never would. This time we picked up this guy, named Jason, he was really scared. Our sexy red-bone Steven bajtbus moves in for the dick suck after we blindfolded him, and he totally falls for it. We picked up this cute guy handing out flyers and turns out he is the lucky guy that alexis wants to fuck. So today Felix was in the van. Then we went to find bajtbus other guy and we found just the right subject to give us that special sample. Next thing you know he's butt-naked and being blind folded and naked, and Steven is sucking his cock he stand really pissed and make us stop the bus to go to work. He bajtbus was pissed! Lucky for Tucker! What a shitty day in Miami, but that never stops us from finding Steven some straight cock. He gets pretty crazy but nothing that $5,000 can't calm down. Elle worked her sweet magic and lured him into the bus with the help of Vanessa Foxxx's sexy ass this hot, tattooed, supposedly straight dude gets in the van to watch Cody and Kylie fuck. He said yeah and we were off. Anyways he was walking in the middle of nowhere we have some advice for him. Just like that time I got roped. After a steamy blowjob and a good idea, fucking ensues. Today on the bus and let Vanessa work her bajtbus magic. So we offered him some money to fuck Steve in his ass. Turns out AJ wasn't to happy when he realized who it was, bajtbus.

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