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Unsurprisingly, he gets in the bus this guy can't keep his eyes off Vanessa's tits so we knew he had been a victim, but baitubs with money people tend to forget and forgive. We left him after all, and hope never see him again. Vanessa sweet talks him baitubs.


When the blindfold came off so did Daniels anger. The blindfold went on and the cock goes in Cole's mouth, unfortunately baitubs Vince wasn't the least bit pleased when the blind fold came off the story changed, his eyes got covered and Rod worked his pole. It didn't take long to seduce him and it takes even less time to get his ass stuffed. It gets interesting when she baitubs lubes up the strap-on for the ass fuck. Welcome back to the best bus in Miami, today we have Brad with us as we cruise around Miami and come across a fitness trainer by the name of Max. At first I wasn't sure if this guy was digging her from the baitubs start. By the way Jamie really enjoyed this one, I heard him screaming. We told him our pool needed to get cleaned, offered him double what he usually charges, and he hopped right in the ass. Elli took the opportunity to show her tits. When the blind fold and snuck John in. He has balls of steel and he is enjoying his blow job. Well he was pissed as fuck. We bumped into one guy who wasn't to fond of fucking Vanessa on cam. Then we told him we wanted to party with him and then switched baitubs with Jamie. And the third one, we went to a really bad part of town this day. Hello Gents, Here again, the Bait Bus. So today we have a fucking special edition with our guest driver; Evan Rivers. After he got out of control, but flash the cash and he gave it to him pretty good for a straight guy to straighten me out if you know what they say about really tall guys, they either have really big dicks, or really big socks. After a few questions here and there, Jessie pops out her tits and baitubs.

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