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He fuck Jamie thinking of Chase and when they finish we throw out of the bus. He was freaked out. Then again, we're fucking baittbus convincing and it didn't take much convincing before he was up to. Five minutes later he was blind folded, and Jaime went baittbus.


Miami was so new and crazy, he figured we were just like the rest of them. I'll bet you money dude's ass was hurtin the baittbus next day. When the blindfolds come off, Zakk got pist because it was extrememly hot. Sure enough we found this cute guy on the bus. Anyways, the girls wasted no time to jump in and try and handle Mario's weapon. I think there was definitely a connection between them. We were cruising along the strip, we happen to see this hottie. Whipping her huge delicious tits baittbus out prepping him for Ponce. The blind fold comes off, what the fuck it's Steven sucking the cock. So today John wanted a beach boy, we headed to Ft. lauderdale beach in search for something, but happen to find Lee driving his tractor around. This week we got a new member to the team Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. He was, but not real aggressive though. We have a project due, and who else better then to be great citizens and offer the young lad a ride. Well they found one; his name is Malachi, and there was nothing evil about him, he was so mad than he make us stop the van and Todd accelerate, baittbus he almost catch us, he run so fast. Well this guy Riley, his luggage got to wherever he was going, but he didn't. Then we baittbus dropped him off in the middle of nowhere. Ponce is in need for his weekly fix. I was like yo boo let a nigga hit. She put baittbus the blindfold on the guy, and he is quick to react upon it agreeing to fuck Stone for 15 minutes. After Jessie flashed him with her hug jugs, it didn't take much to get him to receive a Bj, John was quick to jump on the cock and do what he does baittbus.

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