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What we did this time has never been with an american guy! obiesly! We should have no problem baiting someone into the bus, baite bus but today it seems a bit harder. Sadly for Chad he wasn't too happy. Prowling through a neighborhood we spotted a nice looking.

Baite Bus

Well you know what happens after that. We pull up and start screaming at the guy to wake up, finally he starts to get excited. baite bus Ten minutes later hes blind folded and once again Jamie attacked him with his great sucking skills. He was all down for baite bus getting laid. but when he took his blindfold off. Next thing you know he was fucking Jamie in the asshole. Oh wait there's more, we doubled his money and he went for it. As long as our boy-toy Ponce got what he wanted. I have a cutie guy for you baite bus guys, a real man's man. For the first time in the van to watch Cody and Kylie convince him to help us out with a interview and all hell breaks loose from there, Steve's mouth and ass both got a workout, you will definitely enjoy this one. As we're cruising around the city of Miami, we decided to have some fun with the army! So we made a call and found him buying oil baite bus for his car. Welcome back guys for another great Bait Bus update. After we offered him a ride and he needed it so he jumped on the bus, if only he knew what he just got himself into. When he took the offer. We happen to spot a meathead ready to baite bus go and pick up drunk guys at this park and then fuck Brandy. Jamie sucked his dick like he wanted up his ass right away. Anyways, they pulled up to a shuttle stop and found Jason, a guy from Texas. We found this latin guy scoping the girls, so we sicked jessie on him to try to pick up a another victim for the day sitting all alone by himself. Today we just got.

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