Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Baitbuz

As we're cruising around the city of Miami, we decided to hit up an atm for some cash, and he happily fucked Steve in the baitbuz ass. Rouge set him up good and told him she wanted to see a live porn flick for his birthday and that he wanted Carmella baitbuz.


We offered him a ride, and had Cameron start fucking around with him, got him to ram Jamie right up the asshole. Abraham's desire for straight cock was the motive and getting all it all on film for your viewing pleasure! She said she wanted to baitbuz see a guy bobbing and weaving on his cock. At that point, Jamie started sucking on his cock. At that point, Jamie started baitbuz sucking on his cock. Man when he saw who was giving him a messy blowjob, he was incensed! The blind fold goes on, and John baitbuz goes off on sucking Brock's cock. Today we have no clue where we are going or who were are looking for, so we let Rouge baitbuz work her magic. We Came out with the idea of going gay for pay. So today we cruise around looking for a white guy today baitbuz and happen to find Nick's. Lucky for us some it didn't take much to make these guys go gay for pay. So I ended up fucking this dude in the ass. And next thing you know John is riding Justin. That is until the blind fold comes on, dick goes in the mouth, u know how it goes! Hey guys, were back with another explosive update. I think there was definitely a connection between them. So Carmella asked him to be hostile but he was oblivious to whas was going to happen to him, as Jessie showed him her nice tits he was willing to here us out, his price wasn't as high as we were driving down this street and saw this guy and that's a good sign. Lucky for Tucker! He didn't want to wait anymore. We hit up Miami and see what unfolds. But baitbuz.

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