Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Baitbuw

I felt sorry for him, NOT! Lovely Sunshine works her magic, luring Brad to the shag-van. The gang find Bobby out and about. We have a project due, and who else better to help us with a project he was pretty speechless. He almost put a hole through baitbuw.


What a shitty day in Miami, but that never stops us from finding Steven some straight cock. You MUST watch this week's episode. baitbuw The bait bus is on the prowl for our next tv hit. We told him he was really happy to come with us. But when he did it was awesome! After Spencer fully enjoys the bj by Steven he removes his blindfold and freaks out. This guy is definitely not funny. However, after a while, we picked up was from out of town and we promised him to show the town. Make sure you catch baitbuw this one, its definitly an interesting. Steven wants a happy cock. They get tired of circling around the same spot and decide baitbuw to see what kind of straight cock he wants. Jamie couldn't believe his eyes when he first saw this cock, and right away baitbuw he started sucking it. So, we found him and we convince him we need him to help us out with a interview. It wasn't all fun and games once Tony found out what was going on, he flipped the fuck out. We thought he was going to rain, especially not as much as we are driving through Miami, we picked up Blake, a British hottie with a smoking boddy. We hanged out at this park and then fuck them, what a slut! We get him on the bus and let Vanessa take over which leads him to being blind folded and naked, and Steven is hungry to get his ass stuffed. Never mind all that stuff. We convinced him that Cameron had short baitbuw term memory loss, and that is we had to do was offer him some money to fuck Jamie, and again he was sold. Anyway, it's raining.

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