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We happen to spot a meathead ready to go and pick up drunk guys at this park where we picked up Enrique,a hottie sailor. baitbuw He didn't want to, but once we offer him $40 and a ride to work in exchange for a little bit. It was a really good video.


Come and check it out. He admitted that it wasn't that difficult to convince him in the fucken bus. She blindfold him and make the trade. Hello Gents, Here again, the Bait Bus. After we told him what the real deal was, that he was about to fuck Jamie in the asshole. Do I have a cutie guy for you guys, I wanted a blond guy, so the drive to Key Biscayne were the blond baitbuw guys are. But it didn't take much to get him on. After Steven slurped his cock for a while, then when Don took the blindfold baitbuw off, all hell broke loose. This is a MUST SEE! We rolled up on him and then Rouge worked him over in the bus with us. Didnt take much to get him to the test and it only took $2,000 for him to fuck jamie for some money and got him to take off his pants off blind folded. Hugo agrees and the test goes through completely. It took some convincing but once Ashlynn offered to show him her boobs, he got on. He was in heaven when Sunshine pulled her shit off and showed her tits. Thats when we found Daniel a physical therapist willing to help us. They asked Justin if he has heard of Bangbros. Of course, we told baitbuw him we were new and that we were looking for a potential victim to get on the bus in exchange for directions they gave him a lift. We get him on our side. The blindfold went on and Bo wasted no time charming the pants off of him, which led him to being blinded folded and getting his dick wet and hard. Today we have Vince Ferelli, he has been wanting to come on the baitbuw.

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