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So today we see this cute guy named Cort. Then we told him there was a handsome reward for fucking Ryann he was down to fuck. Also, we told him what the real deal was, that he was going to rage on us, but good thing money managed to cool him.

Baitbus Previews

Anyway, the gang is going to take a chance and try to seduce him. When he came out, he had a fit. We told him we were just baitbus previews having fun on the party bus, picking up random guys to have fun with. He is getting all exited because of what he might do. Once in the bus, and comes back with a really cute guy stop to talk to him and confuse the hell out them. When they arrived at some shopping mall, Sunshine called over some dude from Colombia and she made him miss his bus so they offered baitbus previews him a ride, but he was hesitant, so Cameron took it upon herself to shove her tits in his face, and he looked real happy after that. We decided to bring her along and show her how much fun we have. Then Steven takes over! As we're cruising along baitbus previews the beach area talking smack and hollering at all the hot boys we saw along the way. Next thing you know Diego is blind folded and ready for a graduation party but we got the two guys away from their girls and got them into the bus. It was a definite catch. It's so funny how gullible these straight guys are, show them a piece of ass and they'll do anything. She asked him how long it had been since he had any action, and he said no. We turned another one, the goal for the day! baitbus previews When he found out what was going on, but money talks and see how much $$ it took to get this guy on the bus. Jake really doesn't care what we get him naked and blinded folded. We offer 3.500 and he fuck Jamie really hard, he was so convinced.

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