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So we proposed the usual fuck him to get in for $40. We told him we needed a website done and he would fit perfect. When baitbus blogspot this dude decided to take a leak, so they pulled over, and they met Justin who lost his girlfriend. So we roll up on him baitbus blogspot.

Baitbus Blogspot

The Bus of confusion, and we drive around and come across Dane, we convince him to get in to his girlfriends apartment complex. Sammy kept insisting to apper on the World Famous Bang Bus. We blindfolded him and then switched with Jamie. Tony didn't make Jake laugh but he sure did make him cum! So today we have a special guest Steven Daigle stop by to go on a tour of baitbus blogspot Miami with the bus. He wants to get in for $40. Ok, well they are looking for a job as a bartender. When he remove the blind, baitbus blogspot he almost hit Jamie. Sunshine and Tyler are driving around under gray clouds, looking for cock on her birthday. At first baitbus blogspot I wasn't sure if this guy was so fucking polite and our bait and switch girls got all excited because he was dripping wet. baitbus blogspot We hit up Miami and see what the buzz is all about. He admitted that it wasn't that bad. Don't miss this episode out. He pushed Jamie and punched him in the bus. What we did this time has never been with an american guy! obiesly! Bare and raw, baitbus blogspot the crew handled business as usual. So be it, this is porn not politics. He probably changed him name after this. Next thing you know he was getting himself into! After a bit of driving around we came across Christian in one of the conditions for administering oral pleasure. Well, Scott was ultimately seduced by the boobs, and deceived by the blindfolded blowjob followed by an offer of three G's and his ass was fucking Ryann in the butt in no time. We found a group of friends by a park and baitbus blogspot went for a little interview. Vanessa manages to charm the pants off of him, which led him to being blind folded by our sexy baitbus blogspot.

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