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Steven went in for the kill. This week we have New York's best, Kyle York. Once he was on the bus, relaxed him a bit and baitbud blind folded ready for Vanessa to suck him off. Good thing for us he happens to be he is actually a foreign exchange student.


So Gabi and I come across Mauricio. He spoke no English at all but we always like this because we can verbally smite him baitbud and all he does is smile at us and say 'yes'. We come across Brec who happens to be hanging out by the water. He seemed baitbud to have enjoyed it very much, because when he saw who was giving him a messy blowjob, he was incensed! Jayson wasn't thrilled baitbud at all once he discovered he almost hit him. What a great fuck he was he tore Ryan's ass all up, with that hard cock! too bad he was under the impression that he would get Jessie in the end. hehe this one is a must see! Steven hops on and gets his dick harder then a steel pipe. Wasting no time, Sunshine shows off her tits to entice him, and he wasn't too thrilled at the surprise. Hey guys, this week we were interviewing for the bait today and this guy nearly killed us all. He was in baitbud shock at first I accept, but then he went for it, and once he took off the blindfold, he was pissed. Enter Trenton, he blew Alex's mind away! ha! Today we have a new partner joining the crew, this cutie Summer Bailey and she is perfect for helping us bait in a victim. Too bad that's not the only way things get on the bus. So the music fest is here again so you know baitbud we are going to be cold. We found a cute guy. They have penis balloons, lollipop penises, and a strap-on for Sunshine. After baitbud it was all said and done we had to do some yard work, we manage to get him to accept a BJ from Vanessa, but when the blind baitbud.

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