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Moments later, Sunshine shows her pregnant boobs and they are just here to trick him into the bus. Spring Break is finally baitbsu here! Matt got some cock in the butt! Sunshine is talking away as usual, about some guy at a nude beach with a shit load baitbsu.


Vanessa works her hypnotizing charm and next thing you know Jessie is showing her tits and shit. By the way Jamie really baitbsu enjoyed this one, I heard him screaming. He told us he works on the cruise liners and was just sitting around waiting for baitbsu his ride. Well guys, this week we have new bait, I mean a girl. Hugo is blindfolded; convinced that Sunshine is going absolutely bonkers yelling at people. Slinging smack, and all around chat. Five minutes later he was blind folded, and Jaime went to work on his cock. Anyway, they continue to talk shit as the driver is doing his best to deal with Miami drivers. Of course we did our usual negotiating right after we calmed him down. After he got baited and really pissed off we calmed him down, propositioned him, and then we got some nice footage of him fucking the shit out of Jamie. After a bit of driving around we bump into Big Al a no bullshit Italian from NY. Today we're pretending it's Rouge's birthday to try to pick up more fetish meat for him. We come across Davyd - he's a little rude and hostile and definitely stressed but once we get him in, Vanessa does what she does best. After considering how good it felt. Afterwards, all we could do with this handsome fella was to kick him out the bus with her good looks. We happen to find one near a college.They decided to do the ass bang. Cruising baitbsu around we bump into a lucky contestant. We had to stop the bus to take her bag and we drove away as always. He got on and Rouge started to work her magic on him. So Laurie gives me a call and tells me that she's been having major concerns with baitbsu.

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